2BlueTeam | Trellis tips
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Trellis tips

 Trellis panels can add traditional style and interest to the top of walls and fence panels. Our trellis is available in a diagonal or square lattice style, with  either a straight or arched top. We also offer different sized gaps between the slats.  Choose from a 40mm gap or a larger 68mm open gap which is ideal for climbing plants, or the smaller 20mm gap which is perfect for added privacy.
        Providing an attractive alternative to traditional fence panels and some of our specialised fence topper products, they add that extra touch to complete your garden fencing and create a beautiful view.
         Left to weather naturally or with either a painted or stained finish, these panels will be admired and appreciated for years. Trellis panels are a truly versatile and attractive method to define and add a new dimension to existing gardens and outdoor spaces.
           Ideas for uses :
               –   Screening of unsightly areas or views
             –    Defining areas in gardens
             –    Wind breaks
             –    Safety around swimming pools, water areas
             –    Climbing plants
Let us show you some of our work….


Softwood Trellis (Privacy wall)

Heavy Duty